New vehicles coming off the production line as well as used cars from leasing and rental enterprises require special logistics. Our service portfolio provides the optimal service and a wide range of auxiliary services - we are satisfied with nothing less!


Our services include:


  • Vehicle storage
  • Vehicle inspection-processing (pre-check)
  • Garage services (Pre-delivery inspection, inspection, tyre service, wheel rim service, windshield service, smart-repair)
  • Expert opinion for used cars
  • Professional finishing for new cars
  • Used cars rework
  • Fuelling and vehicle-registration service
  • Storage care service to maintain the value of the cars
  • Fleet management for rental enterprises
  • Key and document management
  • Vehicle cleaning in our own car wash
  • Pre-owned cars fleet management for dealers
  • Scheduling and delivery of new cars to the customer center pick-ups (factory pick-ups)

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